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iPhone 15 Pro First Impression: How is Apple’s ‘Titanium’ phone performing in initial use?

Ravi Jaishankar Yadav
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iPhone 15 Pro First Impression: How is Apple's 'Titanium' phone performing in initial use?

After the first impression of iPhone 15 Plus, now it is the turn of the first impression of iPhone 15 Pro. You can read the first impression of iPhone 15 Plus by clicking here.

Since I have used the iPhone 15 series only for a week, here is the first impression. I will bring a full review of these smartphones after using them for a month.

As soon as I held the iPhone 15 Pro after using the iPhone 14 Pro for almost a year. I felt a difference, but the difference was not so much that one would be forced to say WOW.

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There are no groundbreaking changes in terms of design, but this phone is more compact and lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro, by about 20 grams all thanks to the Titanium design and say the Titanium frame, which may also backfire for the company.. How is that? I will tell you this further.

However, the phone is now better to hold than before. The bezels of the display have been reduced earlier. The display size is only 6.1, but still it looks and uses smaller in size than iPhone 14 Pro and the screen feels a little bigger.

It has a boxy design, but the edges are not completely sharp, so it feels good to hold. There is no significant change here beyond this. The camera module and dynamic island are also the same as last time…no more, no less.

The display of iPhone 15 Pro is 6.1 inches and the bezels are less. This time also Pro Motion display has been provided, the colors look vibrant and the viewing experience is good. The brightness is so much that you can use it comfortably even in direct sunlight.

Action Button: Now action button has come in place of alert slider. The placement is the same, and now you can do more than just mute and unmute the phone. There are customization options in Settings from where you can use this button to open any app or enable any feature of the phone. This is possible with Siri Shortcuts.

USB Type C: The Lightning port is gone and you can now charge it with a USB Type C charger. Data transfer will be faster than before and you can also use it for screen mirroring.

Camera: iPhone 15 Pro has a 48-megapixel main lens, 12-megapixel ultra-wide and 12-megapixel telephoto lens. The previous generation also had more or less the same camera, but it has been slightly improved. Now it clicks 24 megapixel photos automatically, earlier 12 megapixel was the default.

There is up to 3x optical zoom while up to 15x digital zoom. There are some changes on paper and in the real world too, but photos and videos are better than iPhone 14 Pro, I will tell you about it in detail in the full review.

A17 Pro Chipset: iPhone 15 Pro has A17 Pro processor which is built on 3 nanometer (nm) process.

The chipset made on 30m process is not found in any other smartphone and its effect is visible in the usage also, the processor has 6 core CPU in which 2 are performance cores, while 4 are efficiency cores. There is 6 Core GPU, while there is 16 Core Neural Engine.

Here also you get a high refresh rate screen of 120Hz. Available and this processor is really fast.

However, when I played some games, the phone was heating up rapidly. But still no lag of any kind is felt in gaming. The company has said that the issue of overheating will be fixed soon with the update.

Full details about performance and battery backup, Will talk in the review. Because many things are not clear during initial use.

Reviewers review the phone within 2 days. But I believe that unless the phone is used completely for a month, the whole truth does not come out in the review. Therefore we will have to wait for the full review.

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