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Chinu Kala Success Story: Left home at just 15 years old, but today has built a company worth crores!

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Chinu Kala Success Story: Left home at just 15 years old, but today has built a company worth crores!

Chinu Kala Success Story: At this time, in our country India, there is a wave of startups and businesses. Most people want to start their own business today. The biggest reason for this is that daily, success stories of new startups are coming in front of people, making everyone feel that a career can be built by starting a startup.

Therefore, today we bring to you an inspiring business success story in which a girl, without any significant degrees or completing her school education, left her home and started her own startup, turning it into a multimillion-dollar venture.

We are talking about Chinu Kala, the founder of Ruban Accessories, who initiated her business without any formal education and has now built it into a successful company worth millions.

In this article, we’ll delve into Chinu Kala’s success story and explore how she has transformed her company into a million-dollar enterprise.

At the age of 15, Chinu Kala left home: Chinu Kala’s success story

Chinu Kala Success Story
Chinu Kala Success Story

The early life of Chinu Kala was not particularly good; at the age of 15, they left home due to various issues in their family. Because of the challenges, Chinu had to leave home at a very young age, ending up on the streets.

During that time, Chinu had nowhere to stay, with only 300 rupees in their pocket. Even for accommodation, they had to rent a room, costing them 20 rupees per day. So, their initial days were not particularly favorable.

In the beginning, Chinu Kala started her career as a Sales Girl: Chinu Kala Success Story

During her initial days, when Chinu was struggling for money and a place to stay, she began searching for a job. After a considerable search, she landed a job as a Sales Girl, where she had to go door-to-door selling knife sets and other items.

In this job, Chinu faced significant struggles to the point where, at times, people wouldn’t even open their doors to buy these items.

However, she did not give up in these challenging situations and consistently kept working. As a result, after some time, she was promoted to the position of Supervisor in the same job.

Chinu Kala Success Story

Now, they have started receiving money to provide training to three more girls, gradually improving their financial situation, as they began to earn more than before.

Although Chinu always had a plan to start his own business, leaving home at a young age hindered his education.

Ruban Accessories started in this way:

After working several jobs, Chinu became financially stable. In 2004, she decided to marry her friend Amit Kala. Following their marriage, they shifted to Bangalore.

Chinu Kala Success Story

Chinu’s fate took a turn after marriage, as she participated in a modeling competition in 2006 and secured a spot in the top 10. Due to her success in the modeling competition, Chinu got the idea to start a jewelry business.

Working on this idea, she initiated Ruban Accessories in 2014, selling Western and contemporary jewelry sets. Within a few years of starting the business, Chinu also opened the first store for Ruban Accessories.

Today, a company worth over a hundred crores has been built:

After the inception of Ruban Accessories, Chinu opened his first physical store a few years later, and since then, the path of growth for his company has unfolded on its own.

Chinu Kala Success Story

Today, all their products are also sold on online portals such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra.

According to the company, a significant number of people buy their products through these online portals.

At present, the valuation of Ruban Accessories company is over 100 crores, and it is earning crores of rupees every month.

Chinu Kala Success Story Overview

Article TitleChinu Kala Success Story
Startup NameRuban Accessories
FounderChinu Kala
Thela Gaadi Revenue (FY 2022) ₹35 Crore
Official Website
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Chinu Kala Success Story

The beginning of Chinu Kala’s artistic journey wasn’t particularly smooth, but due to their hard work and perseverance, today they have built a company worth millions.

We hope this article has given you insights into Chinu Kala’s success story. For more articles like this, visit our ‘Business’ page.

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