YouTuber Gaurav Taneja who has made a different identity in the world with the help of YouTube and content creation. 

Gaurav has more than 8.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel (Flying Beast). 

He was born in Kanpur state of India on 9 July 1986. Gaurav completed his studies at IIT Kharagpur College after which he worked as a pilot.

but in 2020 lockdown he started vlogging full time on his YouTube Channel (Flying Beast).

People started loving it at that time and today for this reason there are more than 8.6 million subscribers on Flying Beast channel.

Now if we talk about Gaurav Taneja Income, then recently a video of his interview has come out in which he had gone to Raj Shamani’s podcast.

There, when the podcast host Raj Shamani asked Gaurav about his Monthly YouTube income, Gaurav said that “Brother, the company that had fired me, AirAsia, I am earning more than its CEO”

Along with being a pilot, Gaurav also used to share fitness and gym related content on his YouTube channel, 

According to some reports, the salary of the CEO of Air Asia is between 1.2 crore to 2.2 crore rupees per month, which means Gaurav Taneja earns more than 2 crore rupees per month.

When it comes to Gaurav Taneja’s income sources, Gaurav earns through various YouTube channels such as Flying Beast, FitMuscle TV, and Rasbhari Ke Papa, primarily through Google AdSense.