SpiceJet: This airline will start flights to Lakshadweep, CEO announces... Big plans also for Ayodhya. - Indian Updates

SpiceJet: This airline will start flights to Lakshadweep, CEO announces… Big plans also for Ayodhya.

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SpiceJet: This airline will start flights to Lakshadweep, CEO announces... Big plans also for Ayodhya.

The impact of the boycott Maldives and #ChaloLakshadweep campaign is becoming evident on social media.

While there is a surge in searches for Lakshadweep as a tourist destination, various companies are gearing up to make it even more traveler-friendly.

In this regard, even airlines are taking a step forward; now, budget airline SpiceJet has announced the commencement of flights to Lakshadweep.

The Managing Director of the airline has announced

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep, the controversy sparked by viral images and comments from Maldivian ministers, has intensified tensions between India and the Maldives.

airline will start flights to Lakshadweep,

While it has adversely affected the Maldives’ tourism sector, Lakshadweep has gained increased attention on the tourism map. Flight services to Agatti Island in Lakshadweep are expected to improve soon, with SpiceJet considering starting flights.

This information was shared by the airline’s CEO, Ajay Singh, on Wednesday.

Near Lakshadweep, there is only one airstrip Agatti

SpiceJet’s Managing Director Ajay Singh announced during the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Wednesday that the airline has special privileges to start flights to Lakshadweep.

He mentioned that the only airstrip in this Indian tourist destination is on Agatti Island, but not all types of aircraft can land there. Currently, flights to the airstrip operate from Kochi.

It is noteworthy that amidst the ongoing political dispute between India and the Maldives, the government has also planned significant developments for Lakshadweep, including the preparation to build another airport in the region.

The company will also start flights to Ayodhya

The Lakshadweep group of 36 islands includes popular tourist spots like Bangaram, Agatti, Kadmat, Minicoy, Kavaratti, and Suheli. Kadmat has emerged as one of the most beautiful dive centers (Kadmat Dive Center) in India.

Now, tour and travel companies are offering attractive deals for the region. Meanwhile, SpiceJet, a budget airline in the central government-regulated territory, has announced the commencement of flights.

Besides, SpiceJet MD Ajay Singh has also mentioned plans to start flights to Ayodhya.

Approval obtained for fund-raising from the board:

Domestic airline SpiceJet has received approval from its shareholders and the board to raise funds. SpiceJet will raise these funds through equity shares and warrants.

After Jet Airways, SpiceJet has shared this information in a stock exchange filing. Ajay Singh stated in the AGM that they will use a significant portion of the ₹2,250 crore funds to further develop and enhance the airline. Currently, SpiceJet operates 39 aircraft in its fleet.

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