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Ira Khan’s Relationship with Father Aamir Khan is Complicated, Fiancée Nupur Shikhare Helps Her Overcome Depression

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Aamir Khan's daughter Aira Khan said this on depression
Aamir Khan’s daughter Aira Khan said this on depression (Photo credit- Instagram)

Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan, openly discusses issues related to her mental health. She doesn’t hesitate to talk about her family and her relationship with boyfriend Nupur Shikhare.

In a recent interview, Aamir’s beloved daughter has revealed that Nupur Shikhare saved her from depression after struggling with it for years.

Entertainment Desk, Pune: Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan, although distanced from the film world, often remains in the limelight. She frequently speaks about her mental health and personal life. Recently, Ira opened up about her struggle with depression.

Ira Khan had disclosed some time ago that she had been battling depression for years. The reason behind it, to some extent, was her parents, Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta, being separated. She faced this depression alone for years and then shared that the difficult phase had affected her relationship with her parents.

What Ira Said About Relationships with Parents

In a conversation with India Today, Ira Khan talked about her relationship with her parents, saying, “This is the most complicated relationship because you will care the most about what they will say. So, this thing will trigger you, and it will make you happy as well. It’s both ways. I think that the phase I was going through forced me to improve my relationship with both of them.

Ira continued, “I think talking openly with my mother is a bit easier than with my father, but I do have open conversations with both of them.” Ira also mentioned that her father, though he says he’s always there for her, is often quite busy with work. On the other hand, her mother, Reena, is busy taking care of their parents.

Ira Khan Overcame Depression with the Help of Her Mentor

Ira Khan revealed that she was able to overcome her depression with the assistance of her mentor Nupur Shikhare. During tough times, Nupur provided Ira with a safe space and gave her time. When she was feeling troubled, Ira would behave like a child, and at that time, Nupur would take care of her.

Ira is set to get married on January 3, 2024. Aamir’s daughter shared that she chose this wedding date because she had gone on a date with Nupur on the same day.”

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