Husband used to drive cab...Wife is among the richest in the country, net worth more than 39 thousand crores. - Indian Updates

Husband used to drive cab…Wife is among the richest in the country, net worth more than 39 thousand crores.

Ravi Jaishankar Yadav
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The number of rich people in the country is increasing and many new names have been added to Forbes’ Top 100 Indian Richest list released recently.  A large number of women are also included in these.  One such name is Renuka Jagtiani, whose story is very interesting.  Her husband was a cab driver and today the family is counted among the richest families of India.  Let us know about them…

Renuka Jagtiani and His Husband Mickey Jagtaini is the 100th richest Indian in Forbes list.
Renuka Jagtiani is the 100th richest Indian in Forbes list.

44th richest person in India

Renuka Jagtiani, the 44th richest person in India, is ranked 44th in the list of Indian rich and her total wealth is said to be Rs 39,921 crore.  With so much wealth, he is ahead of many big Indian businessmen in terms of wealth.  Renuka Jagtiani has been included in Forbe’s 100 Richest Indians list for the first time.  He has a big business in Dubai.

Husband used to drive cabs on the streets of London.

Today Renuka may be at a good position in the list of Indian rich, but she has faced many big ups and downs in life.  This can be gauged from the fact that Renuka’s husband, late Mickey Jagtiani, once used to earn his living by driving cabs on the streets.  According to reports, Mickey was a cab driver in London in the 1970s and from there he first moved to Bahrain and then Dubai and built a huge business empire.

Diya, which is handled by wife Renuka Jagtiani.  Mickey Jagtiani, who used to provide cab services in London, moved to Bahrain in 1973 after the sudden death of his parents and brother, where he started managing his brother’s toy shop.  He ran a children’s toy shop for almost a decade and raised a family, meanwhile he also kept expanding his toy outlets and started 6 toy shops in 10 years.  After this, after the end of the Gulf War, he reached Dubai and started his Landmark Group there.

Mickey Jagtiani took over the business after her husband’s death.

Through Landmark Group, Mickey Jagtiani expanded her business in hotel business including fashion, electronics, furniture in the Middle East and South East Asia.  After the death of her husband, Renuka Jagtiani took over the business and entered Landmark Group in 1993.  Renuka, mother of three children, has inherited wealth worth $4.8 billion.  Now Renuka Jagtiani is the chairperson of this group and all three children Aarti, Nisha and Rahul are included in the board of directors.

Renuka’s business spread in 21 countries.

After Renuka took over the Landmark Group, it expanded its business rapidly and today more than 2200 stores of the company are operating in 21 countries of the world.  Renuka also played an important role in taking forward the business she got from her husband in Dubai in India.  According to Forbes, he started the Indian business of Landmark Group in 1999 and now the company has more than 900 stores in the country.  Along with this, the hotel business of Landmark Group is also growing rapidly and Renuka’s wealth is also increasing at the same pace.

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