Bigg Boss 17 Live Updates: Criminal lawyer and crime reporter enter Big Boss, many celebrities' secrets will be revealed. - Indian Updates

Bigg Boss 17 Live Updates: Criminal lawyer and crime reporter enter Big Boss, many celebrities’ secrets will be revealed.

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Bigg Boss 17 premiere live updates:

Hello, greetings, Sat Sri Akal, how are you all enjoying… Welcome to the ‘Big Boss 17’ show.

Everyone was eagerly waiting to hear this line in Salman’s voice. The wait is over, and our beloved brother has returned with the controversial reality show ‘Big Boss 17’. The stage is set, the lights are perfect, the Big Boss house is fully prepared, and contestants are making their entries one by one.

This season is going to be very special because from the theme to the tasks, everything will be different and new. This time, contestants will have to play the game not only with strategy but also with heart, mind, and strength. This season is going to be a ‘river of fire’ for the contestants, and fans are excited to see it all.

Salman gave a small introduction to Sana.

Referring to Sana as a criminal lawyer, Salman introduced her. He didn’t say much more than that, but he also facilitated the entry of Jigna Vora. Jigna used to be a journalist (crime reporter) at one time but later got embroiled in controversy, and news started revolving around her.

Salman introduced Jigna and Sana. Jigna explained that she came to Bigg Boss for two reasons. Whenever a crime happened in Mumbai, she was the first to know. After 14 years, she has come here to tell people that she still has the power. The other reason is Jigna’s son, for whom she has come here. She is not here to cry but to make others cry.

Sana and Jigna both appear to be quite strong and confident contestants. Either Sana or Jigna has been selected as the captain. There was a clash between the two. In this, Salman said that there was a tie between the two, and neither of them became the captain.

Entry of UK 15 rider ‘Babu Bhaiya’ in the show.

Anurag is from Dehradun and has 12 million followers on his social media. A video of Anurag was shown in which he expressed his love for bike riding. Initially, people used to laugh at him, calling him crazy for riding with a camera. But later, when Anurag became popular, the same people started praising him. As soon as he came on stage, Salman turned ‘Babu Bhaiya’ into ‘Babu Jaan.’ He joked with him a bit, but in a friendly way.

Before going inside Salman Khan’s house, Anurag made a final vlog dedicated to his fans. Anurag met Salman for the first time and he seemed very happy and excited. It will be interesting to see how he makes his YouTube and social media community feel proud once he’s inside the house.

Salman laughed at Parsi-Italian actor Naved’s joke.

Actor Naved Sol has made an entry on the stage. In his humorous style, he won the hearts of not only Salman but also Aishwarya and Neil. Naved mentioned that he is half-Parsi and half-Italian, and very few words come to him in Hindi. Salman practiced with him, and it was quite funny. Naved creates funny videos and is not very active on social media.

Who is Naved Sol?

Naved was born in Rome, but he currently resides in London. Naved identifies as bisexual. He holds a master’s degree in pharmacy, which he obtained from a college in London. The 29-year-old Naved has appeared on TV shows such as ‘Rich Kids Go Skint,’ ‘BBC Eating with My Ex Season 2,’ ‘ITV Judge Rinder Season 7,’ and the Persian TV channel ‘Manoto.

Aishwarya Sharma performed a dance entry to the song ‘Jhumka.

The popular TV ‘bahu’ Aishwarya Sharma made a powerful entry, and fans were excited. Neil accompanied her. Both of them won fans’ hearts in white twinning outfits. Salman was quite impressed too.

It’s worth mentioning that Aishwarya and Neil have been married for two years. Neil says that no matter how many years have passed since their marriage, the energy should always be alive. Salman jokingly remarked that as a married couple, how will they live with 200 cameras in their home?

Big Boss called Neil and Aishwarya out. He has chosen them for a game based on this basis.

By doing stand-up comedy, Munawar entered in a blue suit.

He made everyone laugh through stand-up comedy, especially Salman Khan. The comedian revealed that last year, the makers of Big Boss had called him for the show. The comedian thought the makers were inviting him to host the show. Munawar had asked for 36 crores to host the show, but later, the makers told him they were inviting him as a contestant, not as a host. There are about 36 people like him. Salman Khan will be the host.

Munawar was quite happy to meet Salman. When Salman was bidding farewell to the comedian from the stage to go inside his house, he called the comedian a “winner.

The first contestant, Mannara Chopra, made a grand entry

Mannara made spectacular entry on the “Same” song, giving a sensational performance on the stage. She looked beautiful in a red saree. Fans are falling for her charm.

Salman welcomed Mannara Chopra, mentioning Priyanka and Parineeti Chopra, and talked openly about Mannara’s kiss controversy in the show. She mentioned that a director had kissed her, which she didn’t like. So, she came to Mumbai to clarify things with the media.

Big Boss has categorized Mannara into different categories, and they chose her based on her connection with the Chopra family. Nakhre wali, confused, belonging to the Chopra family, Mannara is in this category. She said that Big Boss has tolerated her little tantrums. She likes to get manicures. Inside the house, she demanded nail extensions, but she won’t get any luxury. The actress has chosen house number 1, “Dil,” for herself from all three houses..

Salman has given a performance – First Day, First Show

Salman has given a performance – First Day, First Show in a red coat suit with enthusiasm. He delivered a powerful performance on songs like ‘Bang Bang,’ ‘Big Boss’ theme song, ‘Chori-Chori,’ and others. Inside the house, Salman Khan made an entry first and performed the inauguration.

There will be 3 houses in Big Boss.

The theme of this house is ‘Heart,’ where love will be in the air, and the game will be played from the heart. In House Number 2, the theme is ‘Brain,’ and the smartest contestants will stay here. Big Boss’s guidance will be available step by step here. The third house’s theme is ‘Strength.’ The contestants in this house will determine their own path. The contestants living here will make their own decisions. It will be interesting to see whose game deteriorates and who improves in these three houses. There is also a room archive called “Ek Room Archive,” where contestants will find everything they need.

Munawar’s powerful entry

Colors channel shared a video of stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui’s entry. In it, Salman warmly welcomed him in a fun way. Salman told Munawar – “So far, you’ve been doing stand-up. When I come on the weekend, be quiet.” Fans couldn’t stop laughing at Salman’s dialogue.

One after another, promos are coming

Colors channel is releasing one promo after another on social media, and the contestants’ entries are creating a buzz. Unfortunately, the makers haven’t revealed anyone’s face yet. It will be known at 9 PM when contestants reveal their game strategy along with their faces for the show.

who are going to come on the New Big Boss show 1.

This time the contestants who are going to come on the show are- Munawar Farooqui, Anurag Doval, Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Isha Malviya, Abhishek Kumar, Aishwarya Sharma, Neil Bhatt, Mannara Chopra, Jigno Vohra, Firoza Khan, Sana Raees Khan, Rinku Dhawan, Arun Srikkanth, Navid Sole, Sonia Bansal and Sunny Arya. However, some more names may also be added, but that will be confirmed after the telecast of the show.

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