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Aamir Khan’s Future Son-in-law Nupur Shikhare is a Gym Freak, Previously Done a Nude Photoshoot Before Ranveer

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Nupur met Aamir Khan's daughter Aira Khan during her training.
Nupur met Aamir Khan’s daughter Aira Khan during her training. (Photo courtesy-instagram@nupur_shikhare)

Who is Nupur Shikhare: Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan has got engaged. Ira Khan posted a video about this, sharing the news with everyone. Ira Khan will soon tie the knot with her boyfriend, Nupur Shikhare.

Nupur Shikhare comes from a simple family background and is highly talented, having provided fitness training to several Bollywood stars.

Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan, has got engaged to her boyfriend Nupur Shikhare. Nupur Shikhare proposed to Ira Khan in a filmy style, and she happily accepted. The couple is now planning to get married soon. The video of their engagement is also going viral on social media.

Ira Khan shared this video on her social media as well. Nupur Shikhare has been dating Ira Khan for nearly 2 years. Nupur, who resides in Pune, Maharashtra, is a fitness enthusiast and the owner of a fantastic physique. Nupur has provided fitness training to several celebrities.

Nupur Shikhare’s Mother is Also a Dance Teacher

Nupur Shikhare, born on October 17, 1985, in Pune, is not only a state-level tennis player but has also pursued her early education in Pune. Afterward, he completed her graduation in Mumbai. Coming from a Hindu family, Nupur’s mother, Preetam Shikhare, is also a dance teacher. Nupur is also a fitness enthusiast. He has provided training to several celebrities, including Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan. Nupur and Ira first met during a training session, and they developed a liking for each other, leading to a relationship that lasted for about two years.

Has Also Been a Aamir Khan’s ‘Guru’

Nupur Shikhare is quite dedicated to her fitness. She often posts exercise videos on Instagram. Nupur possesses an impressive physique. Additionally, she provides fitness training to celebrities. According to media reports, Nupur Shikhare has even given fitness training to her fiancée Ira Khan’s father, Aamir Khan. Furthermore, Nupur has also trained Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen.

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He have also done a nude photoshoot.

Nupur Shikhare photoshoot
Nupur Shikhare photoshoot (Photo courtesy-instagram@nupur_shikhare)

Nupur is quite active on social media, constantly posting her photos and videos. Even before her relationship with actor Ranveer Singh, Nupur had already done a nude photoshoot, which she shared on her Instagram. In addition to this, Nupur is known for her impressive dancing skills. On social media, she has posted several videos of her energetic dances.

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