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Israel-Hamas War: Israel’s Triple Attack to eliminate Hamas, said- will not be able to ask for water!

Ravi Jaishankar Yadav
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Israel-Hamas War: Israel's Triple Attack to eliminate Hamas, said- will not be able to ask for water!
War continues between Israel and Hamas (credit Aajtak)

Attacking Israel has become a big problem for Hamas. Responding to Hamas’ attack, Israel has caused major destruction in the Gaza Strip. The war is going on and rockets, bombs and bullets are being fired continuously from both sides.

By selectively destroying the hideouts of the Palestinian terrorist group, Israel has broken the back of Hamas (Israel Triple Attack On Hamas) in three ways, from which it will be very difficult for it to recover.

With the first declaration of war, Israel stopped the supply of electricity, water and food to Gaza and now along with closing the trade tunnels, it has also frozen its crypto accounts through which it was raising funds.

Israel killed 1500 terrorists!

The pictures of the devastation caused by Israel by sieging the Gaza Strip to eliminate Hamas have become a topic of discussion in the world. Last Saturday, Hamas started this war by firing 5,000 rockets and now it seems that Israel will take revenge and end it soon. Screaming, mourning and clouds of smoke are visible everywhere in Gaza Patti.

Meanwhile, while sharing the information, the Israel Defense Force has said that 1,500 Hamas terrorists who had entered the country have been killed. According to reports, around 3 lakh Reserve Force soldiers have been deployed for ground attack to eliminate Hamas.

Now let us tell you how Israel has broken the back of Hamas in three ways. Israel says that this time it aims to eliminate Hamas. For this, he is being attacked from all sides.

first attack

Palestine terrorist group Hamas
While bombing the Gaza Strip, Israel targeted the tunnels through which commercial and other goods entered Gaza. According to a report by CFR, these goods come from Egypt.

However, in 2013 the forces of Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al Sisi closed most of the tunnels entering its territory, while it attacked a branch of the self-declared Islamic State on the border with the Sinai Peninsula. Anti-terrorism campaign was launched against them.

Then five years later, i.e. in the year 2018, Egypt started allowing some commercial goods to enter Gaza Patti through its Salah al-Din border crossing.

third attack

With a two-pronged attack on Hamas’ economic targets
Israel did not stop but launched a third major attack. He joined the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas Cryptocurrency accounts have been frozen (Hamas Crypto Account Freeze).

According to the report of The Times of Israel, Israel Police has issued a statement saying that the terrorist organization has been using its crypto accounts to raise funds through social media since last Saturday.

Given this, the crypto accounts of Hamas have been deactivated by the cyber branch of the Lahav 433 Unit of Israeli Police. According to the report, cryptocurrency exchange Binance has also helped in locating and closing the crypto accounts of Hamas terrorists.

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